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Life Coaching

Sheri Ross, M.A., owner of A New Holistic Life, offers life coaching for senior citizens looking for guidance into their next adventure. She understands that everybody’s journey is different and can change at any chapter in life. Her services include, but aren't limited to, assisted living placement referrals, finding your path after the loss of a loved one, and finding a new life passion. Sheri uses her experience and compassion to create unique and personalized plans to help her clients adjust to the twists and turns that come in later-life. Contact us for more information on how Sheri can help you live your life to the fullest!


Showers and changing rooms available. Reserve your sauna time here.

NOTE: Individuals with a history of circulatory system issues and pregnant or lactating women are not advised to use the sauna.  


Our onsite massage therapist, Jillina Barrera, specializes in neuromuscular massage, creating personalized plans to better help with your pain relief. Book your appointment with Jillina here

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